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Comming 2022


Steam PC



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Forge your Glorious Legacy in blood and bronze, in this rogue-like action strategy game. The ancient world has been plunged into chaos and despair as the dark shadow of war looms over the land. Your people call for a leader and you have answered. Raise your army, summon your heroes and command them to victory through hard fought battle after battle.

Background / History

Bluemane and Rainfall Games are indie start-up companies founded by Joe Merricks and Karle Kane respectively. They have teamed up to develop Glorious as their first cooperatively developed title. Leveraging their complimentary skill sets, they aim to deliver a compelling, polished experience and make their mark on the indie gaming landscape.


Command Ancient Warriors – Use superior tactics to defeat wave after wave of enemies. Catch them on the back foot through smart manoeuvring and choice of formation. Let them tremble at the sight of your mighty Phalanx, black out the skies with arrows!

Heroes Reborn - From legendary Achilles and his Myrmidons to brave Leonidas. Your great heroes inspire your troops with special abilities. Encourage them to fight on harder and longer to vanquish your foes. Discover and unlock more heroes as you collect victories throughout your campaign.

Upgrade your Troops – Spend your gold wisely to equip your soldiers with the best armour and weapons gold can buy. Reinforce your squadrons and bring on fresh troops ready to fight on! Offer gold to the gods for incredible powers, turning the tide of battle.

Choose your Path – Don’t win the battle only to lose the war! Navigate the ancient world and use your surroundings to your advantage. Balance risk and reward to attain greater power. Collect and unlock different warriors each journey through Greece as you travel different routes. What lies on the road less travelled?

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Monetisation Permission

Rainfall Games Limited and Bluemane Limited allows for the contents of Glorious to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetisation of videos created containing assets from Glorious is legally and explicitly allowed by Rainfall Games Limited and Bluemane Limited. This permission can be found in writing at https://www.playglorious.com/press


Joe MerricksDesigner / Artist
Karle KaneDesigner / Programmer
Cai JonesAudio Designer